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Our website design and hosting packages give startup companies visibility and customer access to help them succeed, without forcing them to manage (and pay for) features they don't need yet.

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Website Design And Hosting Packages based on the WordPress PHP platform

Any business can benefit from a strong online presence. At we understand the importance of having a well-designed and up-to-date corporate site. To help startup businesses create their first site, or help existing businesses rebuild their online presencewith professional-looking sites, we offer packages that provide everything you need:

  • Web development
  • Hosting
  • Administration

Our packages let you leave the complexity of site administration to us so you can focus on your core business. Our experienced webmeisters will handle yoursite-administration tasks and maintain an engaging and reliable experience for your clients and visitors.

The packages contains all that you need to start your corporate site or web store. As part of the package, we will combine your vision for the site and our elite templates to design the website. Once you approve the design, we will add your content. We will integrate an online contact form with your e-mail so your customers can reach you. If you don’t have domain name, we will help you select and register one.

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If you have special requirements, such as custom design specificationsor special functionality your product or service requires, let us know. Our developers have excellent experience creating custom templates and custom plug-ins.

Are you looking for Web Administration and management for non WordPress sites?

To help your business grow, we offer Website management and Cloud Application Management packages.

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WordPress theme design

Web Design

Our website designers can help you chose the visual style for your new website that will best communicate your brand and your product offerings to your customers. We start our web design process from your business and your preferences, and we apply the latest insights in website and usability design. We will guide you through the process of selecting the best look and feel for your site.

Your website is your voice and your face on the internet

We believe that the visual style of your website speaks volumes about your business. Many studies show that customers prefer (and use) clean and well organized web sites over messy and confusing sites. We know how to help you organize your website to achieve maximum impact with your site visitors, so they become your repeat customers.

SEO Optimized Content

The content of the website should be written in a way that helps your site appear at or near the top of search results when your potential customers search the web for products and services related to what you offer. Creating content that both conveys your message and is well optimized for search engines can be challenging.

We can help you with search engine optimization of your site’s content so people who are looking for you—and people who have not heard of you yet—can find you.

Web Development

Developing a web site is as important as selecting the visual style. The visitor to your site cannot see the source code which generates the site, but directly experiences the results of the code. If there is a problem, the website may be slow, images may not display, or buttons may not work when you click them.

Our developers write clean, robust, and maintainable code. Our policy is to create code that is readable and that performs its tasks efficiently. During development of your web site, the code goes through internal reviews and quality-assurance testng before we approve it for integration with your site design.

WordPress theme development
WordPress admin


Hosting a website seems like the easiest task, but if you choose a hosting provider who is not up to the task, you may soon regret it. If site visitors find your site is unavailable, or slow to load, they may go elsewhere and never come back.

The majority of hosting providers offer shared server hosting with low performance capabilities. Although this might be sufficient for a personal website, visitors to your professional business site expect page content to load quickly and features like buttons and forms to do their job smoothly. Delays or blank pagescan cause you to lose customers.

We will monitor the traffic and response times of your website to develop a performance baseline, and will select the best hosting option for the site, one that will make sure the site will be available and responsive when clients and visitors come to it.


IT tools, platforms, and standards change frequently. Each new release of the tools bringsboth new features and fixes to old problems. Your website needs constant updates of its frameworks and plug-ins in order for your website to function properly with the latest platform releases. Before each update, someone needs to make a complete backup of the site and prepare it for its upgrades.

We can offload you from the need to understand the IT requirements and processes which are not part of your core business. With our packages we will keep your site updated with the latest frameworks and libraries.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Developing and launching your website on our hosted WordPress platform is just the first step. To have successful site, one that represents your business and provides a complete customer experience, you need to keep the content of your website up to date. Each new product you offer or news item you post needs SEO so those who should be reading your news can find it.

Traffic Analysis

You need to review your site’s traffic patterns, follow the indexing of your site on most popular search engines, study what content gets the most visits and what gets ignored, create periodic backups, and more. This can mean you will be spending lots of time focusing on your site and less time on your core business.

We can help you understand the profile of visitors to your site. Our team will create demographic analysis of your site’s traffic at regular intervals and will share it with you. You will be able to see who visits your site, where they are in the world, what parts of the site they visit and how long they stay on each page, and more. When you understand your visitors better, you can communicate your message better.

We offer design, management, and hosting packages that address the online needs of your business, so you don’t have to re-invent the digital wheel.

Website Design & Hosting Offer

eCommerce Start-up

WordPress eCommerce site
  • We design and host your eCommerce website (up to 15 pages + News Posts + List of Products)
  • We give you three websites in one: Desktop, Tablet & Mobile
  • We update your product list as needed every week
  • We integrate your site with PayPal and Stripe
  • We create a ”Contact us” form for your customers’ use
  • A SEO package is included (SEO Registration and Social Media Integration)
  • You get a Monthly Traffic statistics report with demographic analysis
  • Weekly site backup
  • A one-year contract
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