Towershare Inc

Towershare Inc owns and operates wireless communications infrastructure. The Company offers tower sharing services to network operators to minimize capital expenditures and reducing cost. Towershare serves customers globally.

Towershare is one of the leading business in the telecommunication infrastructure globally. In the time of their rise of their business Towershare was in need to control and manage their business in multiple location or region. TSBA then introduce the multi company setup which can have main instance that will be extend on different sub instance without any complicated configuration and setup. This multi company can have different Financial Chart of Account per country and currency to be used.

To have an accurate and gather all information of their Assets, TSBA Site modules was build for Towershare to provide all these information in one database that can be shared to multiple users and update in real time. With built in GPS location to track the longitude and latitude of the site. Embed pictures or images of each sites and equipment that can be used later on for the survey process and audit purposes. Each equipment or assets can have their own barcode or QR code attach so they can track each equipment movement.

Connected with the Site module was the Contract Management module here all Towershare Customer information can be found from basic or personal information thru the Financial Agreement like terms and condition, payment terms etc… This will tightly link to the Accounting and Finance module which will generate Invoice and post Journal entries in Financial books.

Operating in this kind of environment wherein multiple users and location was involved, TSBA Operation Management System was introduce to support all the manual activities and to be more proactive for the users in the operation department. Automation of gathering information in the equipment was a huge deal for Towershare the solution is to integrate Odoo on the external application. Operation team will have full control on each equipment deployed on site to check alarm and fault. And this will trigger a work order to track all activities that can be resolved by internal team or even external vendor which can have access to the system.

Managing multiple location on different region with multiple staff or employee will be a head ache for Towerhsare management to reduce the effort, Human Resource module was introduce such as Employee Directory and Contract, Leaves, Expenses, Payroll and Timesheet. This help the management to have centralized portal for all the staff or employee to records all their employee information, salary structure, manage the leave holidays, generate payslips and record their timesheet or activity.

Special module was build for Towershare to track the transportation cost inside the company. Travel Request module was used to record all staff or employee travel request which has approval process that is link to the employee directory structure. Then can be recorded as expense for company directly or employee reimbursement.