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Terra Firma Consultants

Launch of elegant, professional and accessible site

Terra Firma Consultants needed a site optimized for mobile and web

Terra Firma Consultants approached us to provide them with a unique website. Most major consulting companies have websites that are optimized only for desktop users. Terra Firma Consultants understands that the business user has moved toward mobile environments, and that it is essential to provide a website experience that works well no matter whether the user visits it on a computer, on a tablet, or using a smartphone or other device.

Design approach

In cooperation with Terra Firma Consultants, we created an impressive design using the latest in the Bootstrap framework. We began with a flat, understated motif, which we modified to provide a “professional business” look. The template minimizes the use of massive headers and footers on the site’s pages, as these do not translate well to the mobile experience. The logo is in a prominent position, and remains beside the main navigation bar on every page.

Responsive design

We built with the “responsive design” approach so it displays in a pleasing and useful way in all five of the standard views:

  • Mobile portrait
  • Mobile landscape
  • iPad portrait
  • iPad landscape
  • Desktop


The same content appears in every view, dynamically positioned and resized to give the most effective user experience. The user doesn’t know or care about all the work that went into making this seamless and highly-usable experience—for the user, the site “just works”. This is the edge that Terra Firma Consultants was searching for.

Preview of the project

Visti http://www.tfcg.consulting