Nordic Dresscode

Nordic Dresscode provides enterprise solutions, offering complete solutions of professional workwear, promotional clothing and protective wear, with an extra focus on business suits and uniform

Nordic Dresscode provide their customer option to input their order thru their E-Commerce platform and backorder sales. TSBA support Sales modules for their back order wherein customer can send email or call for their order than sales department of Nordic Dresscode will create Sales Order. Second will be thru the E-Commerce here each customer will have their own login account and can confirmed the order via digital signature. That will leads to the creation of the Sales Order in the backorder with all the tracking of the order.

With the thousands of products (product with different variants, sizes, colors and styles) that the Nordic Dresscode in their disposal managing this kind of data will be difficult. However with the used of the Product variants managing and creating these products has been relief and with the unique reference code attach per each Product variants that is system generated. And using the barcode on each product Nordic Dresscode can define each product in the warehouse location.

Nordic Dresscode also offer alternation and customization on their product like adding some design stitches, additional buttons and pocket etc… TSBA Manufacturing module was introduce to support this kind of activity wherein multiple product was made with their own code or reference to differentiate each products. Using the Manufacturing module Nordic Dresscode can create Bill of Material to produce the final product and full traceability on the consumables and additional items needs to produce the final product.