Moto1 Mobile Application

Track user's off-road position. Request emergency assistance and schedule bike service

Mobile application for off-road emergency assistance

Our customer launched a new service for the off-road biking community in Dubai. Off-road biking can be dangerous: it’s easy to get in Dubai’s desert, or find yourself in trouble if you have a mechanical or medical emergency.

If you have an emergency in the desert, Moto1’s solution lets their response team find you quickly so they can provide the required help. We had two challenges in designing the app: be able to locate the user efficiently, and select the closest available recovery team to assist the biker.

Moto1 also offers a bike storage program: Moto1 will store your bike in their base and service the bike periodically. For premium users (such as professional motor racers), Moto1 manages bike preparation for training sessions or races. Moto1 wanted to extend the recovery application to manage the bike storage services.


Our solution

Emergency response

We proposed building a mobile application to track the user’s position and provide information to the user about how far he is from the Moto1 base. In case of emergency, the app can send the user’s GPS location to Moto1’s assistance management server.

The mobile user (biker) can use a single click to open a menu and choose from the most common reasons for requesting assistance. The application gets the current GPS location (accuracy to within 10 meters) and sends the location to the back-end server.

The server has the location of available emergency response teams and calculates which one is the closest to the user. The recovery team receives an SMS message with the biker’s name, GPS coordinates, type of help required and a link to the opened assistance request. The emergency responder can use the link to see a map of the biker’s location and other important information. The responder accepts the assignment and provides the estimated time to reach the biker. The biker receives an SMS message that help is on the way.

If the emergency responder fails to acknowledge the assignment within a short period, the system sends an alert to the administrator who can assign new team to respond to the emergency.


Send order to Moto1 to prepare bike for ride

In the mobile application, we placed a form where user can log in to Moto1’s bike storage services and create an order. We store the user’s identity in the mobile application once he has logged in once, so he does not have to log in again.

The user provides the date when the bike needs to be ready and the type of service needed (prep for a normal ride, training, a race, and so on). When the user submits the form, we create a work order in Moto1’s OpenERP system


Tools and frameworks used

  • We developed the mobile app in Sencha Touch and packaged it with PhoneGap.
  • We developed the back-end server in Ruby on Rails and host it on our cloud.
  • The back-end server is integrated with the OpenERP system to manage the details of the biker who calls for assistance or places an order for bike service.


Preview of the project

Disstance to moto1

Show the distance from Moto1's garage

Show current position

Show current position

Log-in to bike storage and maintenance features

Log-in to bike storage and maintenance features

call for help screen

Call for help

Send order to Moto1 to prepare the bike for ride

Send order to Moto1 to prepare the bike for ride