Eurovetsworld focus on the B2B approach and with their E-Commerce platform. TSBA provide the solution of backorder sales and E-Commerce platform at the same time. Eurovetsworld provide their customer own login account on their E-Commerce platform to input their own orders and confirmed thru digital signature. Then it will send email notification to the customer and to Eurovetsworld Sales department. Since Eurovetsworld works with different type of customer like veterinary hospital, clinic and stables customer will have different access rights view on the products being shown to minimize the user error.

When a Sales Order confirmed it will create a Delivery Order that will be managed by the warehouse team. Eurovetsworld used the Inventory module to support all this activity from tracking each product Lot Number and Serial Number, and expiration date since they are working with medicine, food and vaccines for animals. Each shipment will be recorded in the Inventory module with full traceability per product or item.

Once the Delivery Order was been completed Finance department will be responsible for posting the Invoice generated. With the used of Accounting and Finance module Eurovetsworld track all Invoices generated thru the Sales module and all Journal entries posted. Eurovetsworld can send batch or group of Statement of Account to their customer email account in a single click compare to manual task that needs to be completed in a week. For management reporting Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet report can be generated thru the MIS module. MIS module is a flexible Financial reporting that is link to the Chart of Account.

Eurovetsworld also provide discount or offer for the customer however to control this activity a set of approval was applied in the Sales Order workflow. A user or group of user has been granted access rights to approved the Sales Order and for audit purposes all activities will be log on the Chatter section of each transaction.

Most of Eurovetsworld product are being imported in different country managing the procurement has been ease to the purchase Manager using the Purchase module. Each product data was link the Vendor database cost and currency. When Purchase Order was raise it can be send to the Vendor for cost valuation and when it will confirmed Eurovetsworld will have full tracking of the shipment from the Vendor, to custom department, to logistics and to their own warehouse. Since these products where being imported extra cost was added using the Landed Cost module Eurovetsworld can sum up all the additional charges made on the purchase order and that will compute on the total cost of the product. This Landed cost transaction is tightly link to the Financial Journal entries.

Part of the Admin responsibility is to manage the employee, Human Resource module was deployed such as Employee Directory/Contract, Payroll, Leaves, Expenses, Recruitment and Survey. Eurovetsworld staff or employee will have privilege to view their own employee profile and attach their own personal documents. Log their own Leave request and expense that will be approved by their superior based on the employee structure. Generate monthly payslip for all employee by batch or group or generate single payslip for Leave settlement and Final settlement. In the frontend applicant can send their resume and that will lead to the Recruitment process, with different stage such Interview process, Examination etc… Using the Survey module, Eurovetsworld have the option to hear from their customer feedback or suggestion and this survey template is