Al Ahli General Trading

Al Ahli General Trading or AGTC operation of supermarkets; distribution of edible oil, fruits and vegetables, grains, snack food, sauces and condiments in the UAE.

Al Ahli General Trading was involved on the wholesale and retail business. In the wholesale business TSBA Purchase, Sales, Inventory and Invoice or Finance was been used to support their business to create Sales Quotation/Order for the customer. With immense customer database in the region with multiple sales person involved TSBA provide a great solution to support this matter. Each customer has its own salesperson link and this will be the source of the sales report and how the payment collection will be made and be accountable by each salesperson. With the used of the mobile application each salesperson can visit the customer and make the sales order,  print the receipt then it will be record in real time in the system then the Head Office will have the full visibility of each sales made. Same in the retail business each supermarket location is equipped with individual POS machine that is connected in the internet that is connected on the centralized product database and in the Head Office will have full control if there are some changes in the global prices, taxes and if there are customize price changes in a specific supermarket or even related to a customer.

On the other hand the Purchase module is used to manage all AGTC procurement can be salable items to non-salable goods office supplies or consumable items that is used for the manufacturing of goods in the warehouse. In terms of exporting goods outside the country AGTC used the Landed Cost module to add the additional cost of the items being purchase internationally and it will increase the cost per unit of the items.

Sales and Purchase will be tightly link to the Inventory module to control all incoming and outgoing shipment in the warehouse. In the Inventory module AGTC track all expiry date of each item since they are edible goods and sometimes to throw or Scrap the items when it is near expiry. And since AGTC works with different warehouse location TSBA extend the used of multi location in the Inventory module to track the movement of items going from one warehouse to another.

After Sales, Purchase and Inventory movement was confirmed all Financial entries will be generated in the Accounting and Finance module. Invoice will be posted AGTC can generate Statement of Account report that can be send to the customer if needed. Accounting and Finance has various type of report that can be generated AGTC used Aging Report, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet etc…

One factor of the sales report for AGTC is view the business on different location, warehouse and in detailed view such as by salesperson, by product or category. Built in Sales Target report Dashboard was created to have a real time view of the sales based on management report.

Human Resource module such as Employee Directory/Contract, Payroll, Leaves, Expense was used by AGTC to utilized the admin activities and to lessen all manual task form HR department. In addition to the Admin task Fleet Management and Document Tracking module was deployed to have a paper less transaction inside AGTC. In this way staff or employee can record all the Vehicle own or rented by the company record the daily used and cost per vehicle. Also using the Document Tracking module all legal documents related to the company such as Tenancy contract will be kept and organized in a portal and can be shared to multiple users.